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If Your Web Site Has Been Compromised…

Chances are if you’re reading this then you have recently been informed about a security issue concerning your website. Here is what you should know:

- We are here to help. As your Internet neighbor (sort of like the neighborhood watch) we keep an eye out for websites that are in distress and are informing you out of the kindness of our hearts. <3

- We are a computer security research group trying to make the Internet more secure. If your computers are compromised then they are more likely to attack our computers and we don’t like that.  

- You should contact whoever built your website and let them know you have a problem. If you don’t know who built your website or don’t have the money to fix it then contact the neighbor kid who dresses in black and looks pale…she may be able to help. 

- We don’t publish any of our findings…don’t worry your secret is safe with us. Just get yourself cleaned up :-)

- We are helping you for FREE. Security services can be costly, but you will not receive any bills or ransom letters from us. If you appreciate our efforts and want to compensate us, then drop us a tip in our jar below. We also accept checks, fresh cookies, beer, Lamborghinis, etc. If we helped you, feel free to express your gratitude

Thanks for your support...

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